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Trying to Reinstall dosnt work


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I deleted the main Paint .net files so I could then reinstall it in a new folder but now it says critical error I deleted the string file and all of the core applications but is there more? Cuzz when now I try to delete it using add and remove programs it dose a error. And when I try to reinstall it it dose a critical error.

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You've broken your current paint.net installation. You can use this utility to remove the broken installation:



Afterwards, you can install paint.net anew.

(September 25th, 2023)  Sorry about any broken images in my posts. I am aware of the issue.

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7 hours ago, hagank said:

I deleted the main Paint .net files so I could then reinstall it in a new folder


Bad idea. All you needed to do was run the installer again and specify a new location.

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Pity he didn't realise that ^.


I guess hagank must have really just deleted the PDN folder rather than uninstalled it the proper way via Control Panel > Programs and Features > uninstall or whatever the equivalent is for the OS being used.


IMHO all programs should be provided with a dedicated uninstaller particularly if that is what is necessary to clean everything that might interfere with a reinstall. Even if all the uninstaller does is run the Windows uninstall program tools it would still help stop problems like that described occurring.


For me using Revo Uninstaller or one of the other similar thorough uninstallers, like BCUninstaller, is absolutely essential. When you realise just how much stuff can get left behind by using only the Widows uninstall tools you'll never be tempted just to delete the main folder to uninstall a program ever again.


Also, once that main folder has gone, it makes finding, let alone removing those leftovers causing the problems considerably more difficult.  




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