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2 hours ago, Reptillian said:

How do I enable issues on github?


Click the Settings tab in the GitHub Web UI and toggle the Issues checkbox that is located under Features.

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Emboss is now is it own cli command. You can test it via code[local]. No changes other than this for now, but this makes it easier to do filters, and a bit more faster now since it uses less lines of code. You may want to update every once in a while until construction material texture or Butterworth Bandpass isn't broken. I'll give it tomorrow. Emboss/Relief uses em command instead of multiple lines of unnecessary codes.


em $1,$2,$3,$4

$1 = Smoothness

$2 = Angle

$3 = Depth

$4 = Depth Boost



em = emboss_image

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On 1/27/2019 at 4:50 AM, Reptillian said:

News! Construction Material Texture is going to come to G'MIC in less than a week. So you can use it on Paint.NET soon when it arrives.


Here's the work so far, all that's missing is the Butterworth Bandpass filtering code, and it'll be done. -



So where do I find this within the plugin ? I have refreshed and checked for updated filters, but not seen this yet.

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Made some new changes that will be coming. Also, I think @nycos62 would love that I added 128 palettes into G'MIC.


Change #1) Added 128 palettes. Some of them are based off Windows, others are based off older systems, and many of them are palettes to support pixel artists. You can type in 'pal db32 rv' in code[local] to have db32 palette directly into PDN after you apply.  It's hard to get the full list, but you can get the list here -


edg = endesga

g8 = generic-8

sepac = amiga 2600 sepac, i should have done amiga2600sepac, but sepac is shorter and less memorable than ntsc and pal,so sepac it is.


Change #2) Transfer Color[Reduced Colors] includes palette options. You do not need to copy and paste palette to reduce colors based on those palettes.


Change #3) Improved Emboss cli command. Now you only need to do this at the minimum 'em 140' to emboss at angle 140. You only need to assign 3 variable at most. You can also do 'em 140,2' to emboss at angle 140 at 200% depth. 200% depth is the maximum depth.

em is eq. to emboss_image

emboss_image $1,$2,$3

$1 = Angle

$2 = Depth

$3 = Smoothness


Change #4) Two of my filter were updated to be consistent with the changes to emboss cli.

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