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3 hours ago, dipstick said:

That looks just like what I've done with video, I assume Apple is automating it. Basically you are blending frames together to blur the moving parts such as water. You should get cleaner results if you mount the phone on a tripod.


I just followed the instructions for my iPhone. 


Oh, and the reason it is blurry, the wind was blowing hard that day. Less than ideal conditions, I know, but I wanted to try it. 

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@HyReZ Oh nice!


@BoltBait You are well on your way with the iPhone and look forward to seeing what you take.


@welshblue Color me intrigued. What does Pembroke means?


@dipstick Seeing an eagle in your photograph evokes feeling in me considering eagles are my favorite animal. Great capture.


I do agree that the first two photographs of mine are great, and do acknowledge that the last two weren't stellar due to it being "blown out" and color temperature not being balanced.  I was rushing myself due to blocking some people on the trials.  

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