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Do you love photography?


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I have an Olympus PEN E-P1 Micro Four Thirds and a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ70 bridge camera for my digital work. I still have all of my Olympus film cameras also. The camera in my phone ( Microsoft Lumia 950 ) is better than the cameras of many of the photographers of the past. I would not get bogged down with equipment envy. Developing a good eye and having the patience to learn is what makes for a good photographer. I have watched the craftsmanship put into the dodging and burning of a photograph by Ansel Adams in some documentary videos. I bet he would have loved to have Adobe's Photoshop and Lightroom! Weegee's humorous photo manipulations could have more easily been done with the plugins and filters that we use today in our image manipulation apps.


Be Happy and Press on!

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I just have my cell phone camera now days, which is pretty good. I can do a lot on my phone with the aps or built in features, too. Gotta love the "crop" gadget. I actually did some amateur photography to help get by while working my way through college. I did pretty good with it. I did a couple of weddings and some engagement shoots. I had a Nikon. I still have it, too. I use to go exploring just to get some great photos of nature, landscapes, sometimes people during events or sometimes people during a quiet moment.


Any minor touch-ups I do with PDN. It is quick to remove the ever loathing randomly occurring facial zit....or fix only half of a face that got tan, from falling asleep in the sun and the hat kind of fell off of one side.


@HyReZ That's a very cool steampunk image you created. Reminds me of that Will Smith and Kevin Kline  movie; Wild Wild West.

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In 1990 there was a book written by William Gibson and Bruce Sterling tilted "The Difference Engine".
It is a novel set in Victorian England and the premise revolves around the idea that the Industrial Revolution and The Age of Computing happens at the same time as Charles Babbage perfects his analog computer.


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For quite a long time I was engaged in this business on film cameras of an older format with absolutely manual adjustment of all parameters. It is now quite expensive. Yeah, and to compete with the same degree with similar firms https://www.splento.com/graduation-photographer-london in their quality level is not possible at the moment.

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I used to own a Minolta Maxxum 7000 camera with a couple of really expensive lenses:




I eventually sold it and bought a digital camera and haven't looked back since...


(Well, sometimes I miss the warmth of a top quality film stock, but then it passes.)


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Download: BoltBait's Plugin Pack | CodeLab | and how about a Computer Dominos Game

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Still have my 'Asahi Pentax Spotmatic' I bought in 1967 + lots 'o' Asahi attachments inc, 300 mm auto Takamar lens "Slik"tripod etc.etc. Camera batt ended up costing (non mercury) $17 ±. Have not used it for decades.

Still have two Nikon 'Nikonos' waterproof cameras with lots of attachments. Had a 'Durst' enlarger, its long gone.

First digi was a Canon "Power Shot Digital Elph" <- cost $700!! One of the first small digis, I really liked it, it had an optical viewfinder. Thats why I never got really into digi foto. (digi screen only),  (actually still have it somewheres, full of dust, the (?) image chip (?) moved & pics came out 'trapezoid' shaped.

I do have a Samsung S860, its pretty old, tho it suits my needs.

I miss the darkroom chores, one had to work at creating a finished photo, not just,click, click, click, print.

Not knocking photographers, , , ,

'Where's my plinth?'

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Do worry about that! We need a gallery to show off what makes use feel lively. I love what you did in that work with the eagle. Top shelf! 


There are lurkers learning from us. I am learning from your work. Don't think that I didn't zoom into to your work to see how well it was executed! The artistry; sometimes, is making the complex appear easy, it certainly is present in make something beautiful!

I love doing photography and I am loving what Paint.NET permits me to do with photography.

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I definitely love photography and over the years, I have unofficially officially became the family photographer for Christmas Eve gathering.


I also regularly take photographs using Nikon D3100 Digital Camera with either a 18-50mm or 50mm-200mm lens (my favorite).  I also bought several ND filters so I can finally capture those silky smooth water photographs.  Let see if I can upload and share some of my photographs I have taken over the years using the Nikon.


First up is the Mabry Mill, located in the mountains of the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia.  It is one of the most photographed sites in Virginia.



Next, is a semi-candid shot of my wife and myself on a location of the Blue Ridge Parkway.  My hands is hiding the remote shutter release in the hoodie.



On deck is the dog, Bailey, belonging to our son.



The next two photographs are from a state park where my wife and I go to escape to the mountain for much needed R&R.





Finally, here is a photograph I am really proud of.  It is the capture of a family friend's son during his first Christmas.


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54 minutes ago, BoltBait said:


You must teach me how to do that.


I don't remember exactly how I did that, but I do know I used a tripod, a ND filter, a remote shutter release.  Looking at the EXIF data, I see that I had set the focal length at 24mm, f/25, exposure time of 2 seconds, and used shutter mode.  It was a lot of trial and error.  I also remember fiddling with the camera's color balance, setting the white balance to cool blue.  The main thing is experimenting, a charged battery, and LOT of picture taking.  I actually have more "attempts" on my thumb drive that I haven't uploaded.


By the way, I did not even edit this photograph.

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You did not mention your ISO setting for the shot. I should be between 200-400 to keep data noise down.



I just read that some photographers are shoot at an ISO of 1 to get those wispy water shots


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