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Image Creation Advice

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Hi Everyone,

I am new and very enthusiastic about Paint.Net.

I was a massive Paint Shop Pro fan for several years, (but can not use it on Windows 10).

I asking for advice on an image I was playing around with some years ago, and would very

much like to try to replicate the effect using Paint.Net




I have inserted a link in this post as I could not make a smaller image, (That's something else

I will have to learn).

Can Members advise how to create this type of effect using Paint.Net


Kindest wishes

Roger the Dodger 🌝

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Here is my try at recreating the target image:



I used plugins in my plugin pack and pyrochild's plugin pack (trail).


I used my shape "New and Improved" to create the hole in the road.


I used Trail to make it deep (could have done better here).  I wanted to make a better gradient on the walls, but couldn't get it to look the way I wanted.


Just used the standard line tool to create all the lines.


I'm sure someone else will come along and do a better job than me. :)  


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