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Resizing an image by stacking all layers vertically or horizontally?

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 Hello, I'm curious is there a way to Stack resize, i.e. resize an image to a different size based on stacking all of its existing layers vertically or horizontally (or a custom grid if that's possible)? Obviously, this will only work if there are at least two layers. For example, if the image is 1920x1080 pixels big and it has 3 layers, the resulting resized image that shows the content of all layers together into a larger image could be one of the following 3 options:


1. Vertical stacking (default setting useful for displaying in forums and websites): 5760x1080 pixels;


2. Horizontal stacking: 1920x3240 pixels;


3. Grid stacking: 3860x2160 pixels (the missing 4th layer is replaced by the current background colour or remains transparent).


 I also created a sample image to better illustrate what I mean.





Stack resize.png

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Greetings Bobi,


In Paint.NET a layer is an image that can be placed above or below another image. Placing images side by side is not the same as layering in this image editing application. In applications such as PowerPoint, Publisher, Flash, Illustrator and Inkscape; layers can be image elements that can be placed above, below, or next to other image elements and can extend to areas off of the canvas or stage; yet are completely accessible and editable after saving.

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Hello Bobi - welcome to the forum :)


This can't be automated, as plugins don't have the ability to create or resize layers.


The workaround would be to do a little math and use the Resize tool from the Image menu (https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/ImageMenu.html#4)


Then you could use the Paneling plugin to move your layers around.

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 Thank you for the welcoming and the suggestions, guys! :) I just downloaded the "MadJik All plugin pack" and I find quite interesting effects there that I will experiment with. 

  Back on the topic. I regularly use multiple layers of the same modified object (a 3d model made in Rhinoceros) that then I stack vertically or horizontally for a comparison purposes to show my clients what's the difference. It would be nice if the functionality I was looking for was possible with making a plug-in. Out of curiosity, is it possible to at least have a "multiply by" option in the Canvas size window, so that the image could be easily doubled, tripled vertically or horizontally? Basically it could be done with typing 200% or any other % in the "By percentage" box either for the vertical or horizontal direction, while the opposite direction is locked/inactive. I think that the easiest way to implement this is to add small checkboxes (aka tickbocxes) right after the "Width" and "Height" settings. And by default they are both selected. Is that possible? Currently, I have to use Windows' Calculator to figure out the necessary image resolution multiplied by the number of layers that I want to stack in the final image.







 PS: These are examples of how I stack layers to make comparison images:



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