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Cropping Single Layer Crops All Layers

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Hi. Ok, so, I'm working in 300dpi. Almost all of my images in each layer are 8"x10" but a couple of layers are of smaller images, still in 300 dpi.  I have 17 layers. The second layer from the bottom, I repeatedly try to crop ONLY that layer. It's the only layer selected, the only layer even having been checked on the layer boxes. Once I go to crop that image in the second layer every layer gets cropped. I don't get an error message. I'm good with RAM and such.  I don't have any other images opened outside of that layer of images.


Before trying to crop that particular layer only, if it helps, I merged 4 images to create the one I'm trying to crop. I also have no other programs running in background. I deleted half of the images. Still no luck. I've closed and restarted PDN, no luck. I'm going to restart my computer and see if that did anything, for what it's worth.


OK, it seems to be happening after I have merged layers and/or cropping more than half of the image. I've narrowed it down to those two events. If I try to crop over half of the image, that's where it acts abnormal and forces all layers to crop off the same amount being discarded.

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In Paint.NET, unlike Photoshop, all layers are the same size. 


Therefore, if you crop one layer, all layers are affected. 


If you simply want to make all the non selected pixels transparent, press Ctrl+I (to invert the selection) and Del (to delete the pixels). 

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Hmmmm...One would think I would have already known that. Maybe it's because I spent a few months with another software? Maybe I'm becoming demented. I just didn't recall one layer size adjustment effecting the rest of them...or maybe I've always known that but forgot it. Cogito, ergo sum....Kinda


Thank you.

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