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Fill Plugin, Under Effects...

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So, I'm using 300 dpi everything, if that helps. This is the first time I've seen this happen, but, I'm using the "Fill" plugin and it only remembers the previous 300 dpi 12x12 image I used in "Fill from File". If I close PDN, entirely, and re-open it, that seems to help, but then I have to go through the same process to use a different image to use as a "Fill from File". PDN refuses to use the new or second image, or any other image I try to use. I'm on Win 10 Home, 64 bits, 12 gigs of RAM, a pretty decent processor. I don't get any kind of error code. It just forever stays on the first image I used as a Fill from File, unless I close the entire program. Weird! Never happened before.


PS, I don't think I've used the Fill plugin since the last few updates, if that helps.

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That's totally my fault.


I have a fix for it and will publish it in a moment.


But, as this is  not a bug in Paint.NET, I'm going to close this thread.


EDIT: Fix has been published here:




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