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Would my idea for a picture be considered a GIF?

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Hello to anyone reading this, I have an idea for a picture that I want to create as a profile picture; it'll be a picture of myself in a thinking pose, with a thought bubble above me scrolling small images of some of my favorite hobbies in said bubble; computer components, video games, books, and so on. My question is could I use Paint.net to create a picture like that, and would my idea be considered a gif or not? Any help would be much appreciated.

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1 hour ago, BoltBait said:

If you plan to use such a picture here as your profile image, one of the mods will just delete it.  We really don't allow animated images in profile pictures.


Ok then, thanks for the heads up Bolt, but could I still create it using Paint.net? I might use it for Facebook or another site that allows animated images.

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3 minutes ago, LionsDragon said:



I'll check this guide out and hopefully it'll help me out; I would have entered in my question in the search bar, but I didn't think it would bring up anything, so I just decided to ask first. Thanks.

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