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Clickable (by point) Lasso Tool?

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Not sure if there's a way built in, or in a plugin, but a clickable-by-point lasso tool would be really handy.


Like lets say you want to take a picture of a home, then cut it out against the background. Dragging the lasso around by hand is pretty sloppy. If you can click one corner of the roof, then the next, then go along the straight walls (to get selection lines between/around all the points), you end up with a way cleaner crop/cut.


If there's a way to do it already, do tell. :)



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The oldest request for this basic feature I could find is from 2007, with people asking about over the years since.


Apparently a point-to-point selection tool is really hard to make, so I wouldn't hold my breath seeing it in paint.net :)

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