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Mmmbac0n's Civil Structural Architectural CAD Tools - Rev 2


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Hi everyone, 


I use paint.net on a daily basis to create sketches for structural engineers.

Here is my library, hope you find this useful. I will likely add more shapes to this in the future as I need them. The detail level is just for sketching so there is only one profile per section type. Should be good enough.


If you have any requests please post here and I will do my best to update the library. 


See Changelog for downloads.




Revision 2:


No New symbols added this revision. Just some changes to the symbols to get them working correct with the default fill tools. 








Revision 1:



  • Bolt
  • Moment Plate
  • Nut
  • Pinned Plate


  • Angle
  • Channel
  • HSS Rect
  • HSS Round
  • Uneven Leg Angle
  • Equal Leg Angle
  • W Shape


  • Centerline
  • Datum
  • Detail Bubble
  • Detail Title
  • Grade/Earth
  • North Arrow Simple
  • North Arrow Fancy
  • Pipe End
  • Pipe Elev
  • Section Bubble
  • Span
  • Top Of

Weld Symbols:

  • Backing
  • BevelL
  • BevelR
  • Fillet
  • Flag (Field / Shop)
  • Flare-bevel
  • Flare-V
  • J
  • Plug
  • Seam
  • Spot
  • Square
  • Tail (Comments)
  • U
  • V



  • Logo





Edited by mmmbac0n
Updated to Rev 2 - Some changes to get symbols fill types working correct
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Very impressive pack @mmmbac0n   :star:


I work with 'blueprints' every day and am familiar with the symbols.  Great work!  :)

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Thanks! I actually just read your ShapeMaker Mini Tutorial, so I may have to make another revision to get the blocks rendering correct with the fill modes. That could be helpful...

Edited by mmmbac0n
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It took me a while to get the hang of ShapeMaker. I've been with it since it's inception.


I'm glad my Mini Tut was helpful to you.  :)

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