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Multiple Windows context menu entries *Resolved*

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Good morning


I've been using Paint.Net for quite a long time, and I really enjoy it.


I seem to have two entries in the (right click) context menu when selecting .jpg and .png (but not .jpeg or .bmp) - see attached image.



I've gone through my registry by hand but I've not been able to find duplicate context menu entries. I found a neat program called Open With View which really nicely lists added programs and lets you disable/enable various entries, but that only lists Paint.Net once.


Any suggestions short of uninstall/reinstall?



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problem resolved
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I had installed Paint.Net on an application drive (D:) originally. I formatted my system drive (C:) and cleaned out Windows 10 at one point. Then when I went to use Paint.Net again, I believe I had just used the copy that was still on my app drive and it worked. I'm thinking that when I ran Paint.Net after the clean install it auto added the "open with" entries automatically, but then when Paint.Net updated the update process added all the standard file associations to the registry, and hence created a duplicate. I found Paint.Net on my app drive and my system drive.


How I Fixed This

  1. Uninstall Paint.Net through Windows uninstall
  2. Ran CCleaner - Fix Registry Issues
    1. It removed extraneous registry entries
  3. Tested the right click "open with" context menu, found Paint.Net again
    1. Searched for the location, manually deleted the folder
  4. Ran CCleaner again - Fix Registry Issues
    1. It removed extraneous registry entries again
  5. Tested the context menus again -- all clear
  6. Reinstall latest version (at the time of this posting is 4.1.3)
  7. Tested the context menus again -- only one entry

Let me know if I can help you if you're having problems with this issue.

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