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Moving an image

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Hello I am pulling my hair out. I'm brand new to this and I'm sure it's really simple but I just can't seem to do it. I'm trying to move an image. It is a hand print. I have selected the area I wanted off the scan. I have resized it which is very small and now in the middke of the screen. I have also inverted the colours. I just want to move the image to the top left corner of the screen as I would like to add another couple of images for when I print. 

I am selecting move selected pixels and I can move the image out of its center location but then it disappears and the checkerboard effect is left in it's place. I am aware the checkerboard is just to let me know we're the image was but how do I get my image to show were I want to place it? 

Sorry for the long post I hope someone can help.

Thanks Sophie 

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Yes ^.


In this case what you want to do can all be done in one; simply click Image > Canvas Size and once you've chosen your new canvas size use the option to anchor (the 9 boxes with arrows at the bottom of the Canvas Size menu). Just click on the top left box to anchor the existing image in the top left corner.


Voila: bigger canvas with your image now moved to the top left corner.

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