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Version 4.1.3

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I'm a regular paint.net user, and the version i am using is the paid version on the microsoft store paid version.


Around 2 days ago, i was minding my own business designing something and saved the file from a PDN file, to a PNG file.


This caused a lot of white pixels appeared all over the image. I've tested a lot, and anywhere good at technology.


Any tips or info will help.



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Yes that is typical of saving a PNG, even a fairly simple subject like a graduated background, if the image is of a certain size, at a low 8-bit setting but with some images you'll notice that at 24-bit too.


You should be able to see if the effect is visible in the preview pane if you swap between bit settings but as BoltBait says using Auto it will usually choose the optimum bit setting for the image.


There is also a "Save As - Optimised PNG" plugin I found recently thanks to this thread. It keeps the file size down whilst not noticeably affecting the image quality.


JPGs can have similar and even uglier issues if you save at a lower quality setting.     

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