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Is there a possibility to add a preset pagefile, where I can set my default 'new' page dimensions, and keep plugins/ addons setup values which I use habitually, so they can be either invoked by the user, or even get 'tuned' as soon as they are uploaded ?


In the age of 4K screens and 'retina' resolution, 600x800 just doesn't 'cut it'.


If there's such a feature already, I would be grateful to learn of it.

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Hello @AmateurCoder and Welcome to the forum :)


You can't get Plugins to upload with a prefixed setting.  They will remember whilst you are using them, but once you close out PDN they will begin at default next time you use them.


To preset a layer size, or format, you can set the size/format and then save as a PDN for re-use later.


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Plugin defaults are set by the plugin author when they code the plugin. As such, they are hard-coded within the plugin.


There has been some interesting discussions recently on this topic....






So while the answer is currently "no, sorry" the developer (Rick Brewster) has seen these requests.


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Also, it's worth pointing out that the default image size does scale with DPI now. However, it scales with the integer multiple of scaling.


At 100% scaling (1.0x), aka 96 DPI, you'll get an 800x600 image, the default brush size will be 2, and the default font size will be 12.


At 150% scaling (1.5x), aka 144 DPI, the same defaults will be used. The integer floor of 1.5 is 1.0, hence why the defaults are unchanged from 96 DPI.


But then with something like a 4K screen at 200% scaling (2.0x), you'll get a 1600x1200 image, brush size of 4, and font size of 24.

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