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Help Required Recovering File

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Sooo, I spent quite a considerable amount of time editing an image and I saved it on my usb yesterday. Once I was done, I made a jpeg version of it which I also saved on my usb. I thought I wouldn't need the original paint.net version anymore so I deleted it (regret it soo much right now). Turns out that the jpeg version got corrupt or something like that and no matter what I tried, and trust me i tried a lot, I couldn't find a reasonable way to 'uncorrupt' it. So I decided to use EaseUS data recovery to recover the deleted paint.net version from my usb. It recovered he file but was recovered as a 'PDNSAVE File'. I tried converting the file to a jpeg but that didn't work so I have no clue what to do from here so any help would be amazing. Thanks ?


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1 hour ago, firesometimesflies said:

Wait, im confused what do to. the pdnsave file name is stuff.jpg.0


Sounds like you recovered a jpeg file; not a PDN file.

It also sounds like you have file extensions hidden. I believe your file is really named stuff.jpg.0.pdnsave

Moot point though; it's still a jpeg file.


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