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Paint.Net VS Jasc Paint Shop Pro 9

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I thougt that if i bought J.PsP9

I could test it with Paint.Net

And i came to my first conclusions

Psp is way bigger than paint.net

Setup interface doesnt look as good as paint.net

And it is a lot more difficult to control

I`ll post more conclusions later on


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I disagree. While I like PDN much better than GIMP, it is still trying to play catch-up to PSP.

Most people on these boards seem to consider PDN more of a replacement for PhotoShop, but PS is lousy for image generation, so they aren't really even in the same class. For doing raster graphics from a blank canvas, PSP is closer to PDN than PS ever could be.

I'll admit that I plan on sticking with PDN primarily because it's free. Basically, it is close enough to what I want that I don't feel the need to spend money on PSP, but it is still a work in progress, and until some of the basic functionality that we've all seen people ask about (e.g. a proper smudge tool, selection shrink/grow, etc.) is in place, PDN cannot hope to take the place of PSP if cost isn't an issue.

The problem as I see it is that you are judging it based on your knowledge of how to use PDN, rather than on its own merits. I did the same thing with PDN when I switched to it from PSP. But I have since been able to step back and see that PDN really is a nice piece of software, even thought it isn't everything I'm looking for. I think if you could try to be more objective, you'll realize that for what it offers, PSP is also a great piece of software and a bargain at $100.

--End Commercial-- :oops:


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The problem as I see it is that you are judging it based on your knowledge of how to use PDN, rather than on its own merits.--End Commercial-- :oops:

Every software will have it's pros and cons, so far I've found there's always a workaround when using PDN.

Plus Rick and all the plugin makers. PDN just getting more powerful and functional everyday.

Like one of our Admin CMD would say, it's not just the software one use, it's also the one using the software..(somthing like that)

Yes, PSP is very nice, but PDN can certainly hold it's own.....and it's free.

And when/where are you able to talk directly to the makers and ask for new functions, effects, plugins?

There are too many so I'll just mention one....

I requested for a more powerful Pol to rect and rect to pol plugin, and within a few days, Madjik made a new version that's even better then PS version. (Polar transformations)

Good luck asking PS, PSP makers to do the same for you.


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