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Chiselled Stone Texture

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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it


This technique allows you to make a base that will take a texture you make or import.


PlugIns Needed:


Cell Texture  Splinter  Texture Shader




example_1.jpg example_2.jpg example_3.jpg


example_4.jpg example_5.jpg example_6.jpg


The Tutorial:










Make or Import a texture onto a New Layer >>> Set Blend Mode to Overlay >>> Play with the Opacity to your own tastes


*** You could also copy the texture to clipboard and use the clipboard option in Texture Shader and play with the options setting to get something unique ***







*** Playing with the Cell size in Cell Texture gives differing results ***


Here I increased the cell size


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The colorations you use in the clipboard versions look so realistically stone-like.  Are they produced with the Planetoid plugin?

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@MJW ... you're starting to know me too well ?  The 1st 3 examples (at the top) are Planetoid made textures with some extra bits in them ... the bottom 3 are imported ones.


@Seerose ... that 1st one is absolutely stunning.  I would love that colouring as a trough for some of my alpine plants.  Thanks


Thanks for the rep points guys and yourself @LionsDragon  (must catch up soon ...)


One thing I'll have to add is sometimes using Sharpen/ Sharpen + to the finished base texture gives it more life.

In the 3 days since I found this technique the outcomes seem pretty endless and I've got some very realistic results.  (Really good for stone text)


Got to thank you for that MJW - I may not always use it as it's intended but I get some great maps to wrap textures to


Another example.  Smaller Cells.  Less Distance More splinters - 0.00 angle 



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