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Alpha Levels


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I know, very specific.

This was made for a request I got from my friend ugng.

He told me to publish it here in case some random dude comes up and wants to use this for whatever reason.



Posterize Alpha

Limits the amount of steps in an alpha channel.

Like posterize but for alpha channel

Enjoy this spicy gif I made.


Does this gif work? It doesn't work in the post preview.

Hopefully it does.

Love you all! <3


UPDATE: added icon made by ugng




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Fixed your gif
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What I see above is...

Video unavailable

This video has been removed for violating YouTube's Terms of service


@redflux Is it possible to make smother transitions between the different shades?

Another slider for doing this maybe, I do like the this plugin even so.


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added text




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I see the video just fine. Shows truncation of the alpha channel, which is doable with Channel Ops as well. Though I understand the desire to scale down and capture only the very thing you need for a workflow, enabling you to be more efficient.

Edit: Except I was looking at a gif, not the video. Well, the video works now too.

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