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Quick Masking

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I have been trying to figure out the "best" way to completely remove an object from one picture by creating a transparency png file of it which would then allow me to insert this picture into another picture background and/or manipulate this picture like I want.

I was reading back through some of the older postings and came on a comment that stated this about quickmasking: "Basically, she described how to make a quickmask in order to cut out a specific object in an image. Create a new layer and color in that layer with a bright red color around and right up to edges of the object(s) you wish to isolate. Select the red using the Magic Wand. Switch to the original image layer and then cut (Ctrl+X)".

The information in this earlier post sounds exactly like what I might be looking for but is not detailed enough for me to fully understand (newbe).

So . . . I was wondering if one of you seasoned veterans might be able to provide a good "step-by-step" tutorial. I am sure there are many others just like myself that would be very interested in learning the best technique to do this.

Thanks in advance :)


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