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Update on BOLT the whale saved on our beach.

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Thought I'd share this as it was so amazing.  I awoke yesterday to find a beached whale.  I called the Mote Aquarium, which is very close, and they gave instructions and said they'd get here asap.  Sadly I had to leave for a pre scheduled PET scan, and could not stay to watch.  But, a guy from our building managed to film the whole thing and I put it together. 


The Pygmy Killer whale Melon-Headed Whale is doing well today, has been named Bolt and is swimming on its own and has been reunited with 2 other whales, which they think is from the same pod.  They were rescued on August the 30th, but are in critical condition.  No one is sure, yet, if this is due to the horrible Red Tide we are suffering with at the moment.


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43 minutes ago, Djisves said:

If I was @BoltBait, I'd keep my distance ?



Ha - Ha ........ I should have suggested that they add the "Bait" to it.


LATEST - It was not a Pygmy Killer Whale, but is a Melon-head.  It is doing very well back at the Aquarium and here is a photo of him in the tank.  He's being force fed but is managing to keep himself upright and they think he will recover.  Sadly one of the other whales that were also at Mote, died yesterday. 




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