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Tacky High Gloss Painted surfaces sticking together

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I am an artist/painter working for a Christmas Display company in Dallas. We have an 18 ft. Christmas tree we're creating for a company, that will be made out of 3'x 3’x 2' cube shadow boxes stacked, pyramid form.

The weight of each cube, and the overall size of the tree when assembled requires each piece to be securely bolted together.

At this point we have each section primed and are ready to begin applying our top coat, using Glidden Premium High Gloss Interior Exterior.

And this is where my question begins.

Our problem at this point is that our primer layer still has a tackiness to it, even after a total dry time of 8 days. It's a very thin layer, we applied with a spray gun of Kilz water-based primer to our 1 1/2” MDF substrate.

When bolting two sections together and then separated, the primer has stuck to the adjoining face so strongly that it's removed part of the MDF.  

And this has us worried. Having painted with high gloss before, we are concerned that when spraying our high gloss top coat that the same problem will occur, and probably worse.

(Side note:)

Our paint booth and back shop aren't air conditioned and over the past week or so the weather here has been @ 85-95 & humidity @ 60-75%

My first thought was that the primer hasn't fully cured, but my painters were thinking curing in a hot but also humid warehouse for, going on, 8 days would have been plenty of time.

First solution or test I had in mind was to build a hot box for one cube and surround it with space heaters for a day and see if this could speed up the end of curing, but I'm afraid high gloss paint will always contain a tackiness regardless of curing time.


Any help or advice you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


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