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Need a tilt shift or a background angle blur PLUGIN

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17 hours ago, FreshYTX said:

Yup, same as the title goes...

example of something is like this


But I also want to control the angle.



You can also achieve this effect WITHOUT the use of plugin.  Below are the steps:


  1. Duplicate the original photograph.
  2. On the duplicated layer, run Gaussian Blur, keep the blur radius at a very minimum, less than 10.
  3. While still on the duplicated layer, use the gradient tool set to linear (reflected), and set to transparency mode.

Below is an example of what you can achieve following the steps above (clickable to see it bigger).  Original image.




Edit: Here is another photograph, manipulated with tilt shift technique, utilizing the steps above, and using reflected linear transparent gradient from the bottom right to middle of the photograph.




The only limitation is your imagination.

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Excellent outcomes @TrevorOutlaw without using the plugin!  ?


We had a Tilt Shift comp not too long ago...you should have entered!

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