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Why can't I write in paint.net?

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I'm a new user of paintdotnet and right now I'm trying to make some digiscrapping. I have downloaded a free kit from the internet and now I'm trying to use it. I have put a background into a layer and then I would like to write something on it. I made a new layer and then tried to write on it. My problem is that I can't see what I'm writing. I have tried to change the colour of the text but it doesn't work. Then I tried to make a box to write in but I can't see the box I tried to make. Can anyone tell me why it doesn't work?


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You have created - probably accidentially - an selection. If so, you only can paint, write and adjust within this selection. With the short cut "CTRL+A" you have selected again the whole canvas, which finally allowed you to write everywhere.

Read this, this helps a lot if you are new to this software: http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/en/index.html

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