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2 feature requests (i. 'only this'/'all but this' layer, ii. shortcuts displayed for tool)

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These 2 suggestions aren't in Rick's 'Popular feature requests' thread, but they may exist in a plug-in already? If so, please do let me know.

Eitherway they could do with being native IMO. I won't pretend to know if they are simple to add, but I could believe they are...


i) when using a lot of layers, it's tiresome to scroll up and down to select & deselect them all. If you could right click a layer and select from 'Only this layer' and 'All but this layer', that would speed things up. Or maybe it'd be simpler to have a 'tick/untick ALL layers' box at the top of the menu, which could get to the same efficient functionality...


ii) in SketchUp and other programs, useful common shortcuts are listed for the currently selected tool in the bottom bar. This would be really hand as there are a LOT of great shortcuts in paint.net that massively increase the functionality of many tools, that remain unbeknownst to the newb. Even I don't use it enough to remember them all, so i have to peruse my old print-out of them blu-tacked to my office wall.  It would only need to be a memory jogger rather than an explanation...

For example, it would be useful if, upon selecting the SELECT tool, the following text (or similar) were displayed somewhere until the next tool is selected:


Ctrl= add,   Alt= subtract,   Shift= constrain,   Alt+[R]= overlap,   Ctrl&[R]= invert,   Ctrl+'I'= global invert,   Ctrl+Shift+'C'=copy visible,   Ctrl+Shift+'V'=to new layer,   Ctrl+Alt+'V'=to new image


Or perhaps just have it as an option that you experts can turn off once you know them all..?


Cheers all. Great program!





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