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Changing colour without losing texture

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1. Set the Primary color to White

2. use the Color Picker tool to set the Secondary color to a shade used in the face. (tip: right click with the CP tool).

3. Select the Recolor tool

4. Set the Sample Secondary option in the tool bar

5. Set the Brush width to something large & paint over the face



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Good luck Vinny. I recently saw this technique posted by @dipstick, it might be worth a trial too.


On 8/20/2018 at 11:40 AM, dipstick said:

There is an alternative way to dodge/burn in order to darken or lighten parts of an image.


1) Add a blank layer above background layer and set Blending Mode to "Overlay".

2) Use the brush to paint on the overlay layer. Black to darken and White to lighten.

3) Adjust opacity to suit...




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