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Chain Links Made With Pyrochild's TRAIL

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Some time ago, I saw a tutorial on making a chain using Pyrochild's TRAIL plug-in.


I remember that it involved stretching an oval, and then using transparent gradient to "disappear" the over and under bits of the chain links.


I thought I had saved it. 


Can't find it. And can't duplicate it from memory.


Can anyone point me to that tutorial?


Many thanks....

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9 hours ago, MJW said:

There's welshblue's chain link tutorial. It doesn't use Trail, but the step where the rectangle selection is stretched could also be accomplished with Trail. (And perhaps someone in a follow-up comment suggests that.).


Yup, I found that one, and it is an excellent one, but not QUITE what I was looking for.  In fact, that was the first one that came up when searching.

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On 8/25/2018 at 4:10 PM, doughty said:


Hope you don't have to much trouble following it:)


Me too. I was watching some of the other videos. I really wish the videographer had, in the comments, placed a list of the commands, because it can be hard to follow, especially when on a laptop with a smallish screen.


I love watching the videos, though, because if something doesn't look right when I'm trying to do something, it usually means I missed a step.


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