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Can You Help me Fix paint.net

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So I've been using paint.net since 2015 And I was a young artist and loved to use the program. But When I download it. (My dad gave me a new computer its a Windows 10, DELL)

Umm I download it and if you know the screen of the accept the ToS/Liscence/EULA It doesnt appear It doesnt download. Please help me with the download give me some advice to fix it Because I really want to edit pictures ? Hope you Help me. Bye!

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I've never had to troubleshoot paint(dot)net before but the installation could be stalling. If you try alt+ctrl+delete -> task manager -> details, then look for anything resembling the paint(dot)net installer and end its task, then try and install again, that could work.


You could also try installing it as administrator.


Hope it helps.

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Hello @mitsune and Welcome :)


If the above suggestion by @Mallaboro doesn't help, please let us know where you are trying to download Paint.net from,  is it from here   or is it from Windows store?

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How I made Jennifer & Halle in Paint.net

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@Mallaboro I didn't know what you meant by Task Manager But I did the Task Manager Thing... I tried Running as it an administrator but still.... It didn't download I will try sending a Youtube video or a picture of what I mean soon I'll try to atleast get proof to show... But my guess of the error is paint.net expired I downloaded it on January on my old Windows 10 and It Worked fine Im wondering why today It doesnt work for me? Though It didn't work.


@Pixey I actually was downloading it from the website I actually liked paint.net Because I could put Plugins like these dev's pyrochild and other people...


I dont know what is going on I hope it gets this fixed soon I Hope you guys have a good time. ? ^_^ **edit the download kinda works but the liscence term agreement or download agreement slightly go's away ._. 

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