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Can I delete "Paste into New Image" in Edit menu?

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Is there any way for me to either delete or grey-out "Paste into New Image" in the Edit Menu? I never use it. It's immediately under the similarly named Paste into New Layer, which I use a lot. 

I just now lost a half hour's worth of work because I accidentally clicked on Paste into New Image instead of Paste into New Layer. After I did that, Undo is greyed out. Ctrl+Z does nothing. All my work was vaporized. :(

Yeah, yeah, I know I should save my work often. But when I'm working on an image, I'm just thinking of just that; working on it...not saving it.

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And why couldn't you just close the new image, go back to the tab with the image you were working on, and then Paste into New Layer? You haven't lost anything ... I really don't understand your comment about losing a half hour's worth of work. Nothing was "vaporized."


Also, I suggest you learn the keyboard shortcuts, which will accelerate your work. Ctrl+Shift+V for Paste into New Layer, for instance.

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Using Paste into New Image doesn't delete the other image. They're both there in PDN, and you can switch between them. At the top of the PDN window, there will be thumbnails for all the open images. Click on the one you want. In your case, you'll have two: the newly created image, and the image you were working on. If you delete the new image, you'll be right back to the single image you were working on.



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