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Trying to create a decent simple line drawing!

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Hello everyone,

I am trying to make a simplified line drawing of this castle photo which I took, I've removed the background and darkened the windows.  (The angled bottom is because it's actually sitting on a hill) I need to create a drawing that could be used to print.  So far everything I've created in paint.net using the ink sketch, less noice, softening, etc is still too detailed.  Can anyone give me any suggestions please??  I've spent hours and hours on this....

castle drawing compressed.jpg

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Hello @stingle and Welcome :)


If you are looking for a simple outline of the castle, you can do this:


1.  Remove the white background - magic wand and hit delete.

2.  Select the castle with the magic wand.

3.  Make a new layer above the castle - make sure the 'ants are crawling' (magic wand)

4.  Go to Effects/Object/Outline Object and check the box for 'preserve canvas'.

5. You will now have an outline on its own layer.


2nd_castle_outline.png  ~Clickable~


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