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White text ??

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I've been using Paint .net for awhile now as an alternative to the beast Adobe. I like it for the most part.

But I first got it when it was like 2.62 I think and just upgraded to 2.72 today, hoping to fix this problem.

I'm not sure the picture will show up, but basically I've had this problem since I started using it and its a bit more then a minor annoyance and have NO idea whats causing it.

The problem is the drop down menus(File, Edit, Image, etc), all the menu options are transparent until I mouse over one, then the letters turn black. The menu options text color MAY be white and just blend into the menu color. The options I can't use are grayed out.

I don't see any options or preferences to change the menu text setting.

I'm using a laptop and when I tilt the screen I can see the menu options text is white.

Thats about the only bug I've run into. If you at all care I could post some recommendations but not sure you care about that.




Any help would be great. 

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