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Tracing an image with Line/Curve tool

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Hi All


My name is Lori and I am wanting to trace an image so that I can upload into my carvewright cnc machine.  I watched Justin's video on the tools, but when I click the line tool and try to start tracing nothing happens.  I am enclosing the image I would like to trace.  I would greatly appreciate any help in this matter.  Is there other tutorials that I can watch?  Again thank you for your help.




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Hello @Loriblackdog I'm curious as to which video, by Justin, you watched on the line Tool? 


I think, perhaps, that you will not get a good result using the Line/Curve tool for tracing.   It may be simpler to make the Text and hearts yourself in Paint.net.


You would have to find the Font you like, perhaps from Brusheezy.com and then make your text on different layers so that you can move them into place.  We then have Heart Shapes in the Shapes Tool Plug in.  I quickly whipped up this as an example.








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How I made Jennifer & Halle in Paint.net

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svg files are not secure (they can include JavaScript). We've stopped their upload on the forum for that reason.


Zip the *.svg and upload that.

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Greetings Loriblackdog,

The Carvewright CNC machine reads DXF files (a vector graphics file format) created from CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software and converts them to a format that works on a CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) device that is the Carvewrite.

Paint.Net is a raster graphic creator/editing software and does not export to SVG or DXF vector formats. As Zagna has stated, your best bet is to use the SVG vector image creator/editor called Inkscape (Open Source Freeware) for your bitmap image tracing and SVG and DXF exporting needs.

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12 hours ago, dipstick said:

Apparently I've reached the 10 MB limit with attachments. I don't see any way to delete them in my settings.


Click your username in the top right corner of any forum page when logged in. Do you have a listing "My Attachments"?


9 hours ago, HyReZ said:

Maybe you can send the Zipped file to their email account!?


Don't. Upload it to a third-party hosting site and post the URL.

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4 minutes ago, dipstick said:

Please show me where there is a delete button to delete my attachments.


Click on the attachment's corresponding post.

Edit the post, and there will be an option to delete the attachment.

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So why not use a third-party hosting site for images and Dropbox for files like this? Save yourself a lot of trouble in the long run. The 10mb limit is always going to be there.

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