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Unable to install on Windows 10

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Hello, I am on Win 10 1803 and I've been letting updates go through and rebooted many many many times, so I believe I am up to date. I cannot install 4.7.2 of .NET because it says I already have it or a newer version installed.


I have Defender and Malwarebytes, but those are off. I get to the part of the install where it says "Preparing to install" and just gets stuck there for 10+ minutes (this is to an SSD, even). I even tried a slightly older version, but that didn't work. Any other ideas?

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59 minutes ago, Gvaz said:

I cannot install 4.7.2 of .NET because it says I already have it or a newer version installed.


Yup, what it says is true. Win 10 1803 includes .NET v4.7.2.  You don't need to bother with installing it.


1 hour ago, Gvaz said:

I get to the part of the install where it says "Preparing to install" and just gets stuck there


Can you go into Windows Safe Mode, and try to install paint.net while there.

This will help ensure that no third-party programs are interfering with the installation process.

Let us know how it goes.

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I have the same issue as the poster...trying to install paint.net 4.0.21.


I am running Windows Version 10.0 (Build 10240), and have checked multiple times that all windows updates are installed.

This is a "bare bones" windows installation with *NO* antivirus etc installed. I'm having the same issue on my PC and my laptop.


I tried booting into Safe Mode as suggested and running the paint.net installer, however that does not work at all. After running the installer, the first thing is an error message from the .NET installer window saying 1) that .NET installer is not supported in safe mode 2) already running a newer .NET version, and a 3rd error which I don't remember.


From what I'm understanding, is that it appears your (4.0.21) Paint.net installer is forcing the 4.7.1 .NET Framework installer to run first, on a Windows 10 OS which already has a *NEWER* version installed, and the 4.7.1 .NET Framework is probably failing to complete with this error:




(I do have the same issue as the poster, where the paint.NET installer pauses with a progress bar saying "Preparing to install" and just gets stuck there for 10+ minutes, then eventually fails.)

But the way that I got the screenshot above, is that I went into "C:\ac71d656454cd1fa798a7ed3e2" directory (which is where the paint.net installer is being unzipped to) and manually tried to run Setup.exe, which launches the Microsoft .NET Framework installer. And the SetupUtility.exe for .NET 4.5 does not run at all. 


Basically, I think your installer is broken on the newer Windows 10 releases, because its trying to force the installation of older .NET versions (which fails miserably) since the built-in .NET cannot be modified by an external installer, and so we're never even getting to the installation of paint.net.


Please advise.


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Upgrade to the latest Windows, v1803, and you'll be good. Like Zagna pointed out, older versions of Win10 are no longer supported due to the updated .NET requirement.


In general it's best to make sure you're fully caught up on Windows Updates, especially when encountering software installation problems.


Paint.NET's installation is, as you point out, a little buggy on older versions of Windows 10. This is something I'll be improving, but I'd also like to point out that you will experience similar problems with things like NVIDIA GeForce and Intel Network Card drivers. I've smacked head-first into both of those while setting up a new Windows 10 system.

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