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I'm drawing a map and downloaded the gridcheckerboard plugin. After placing the grid I was able to fill the spaces of the grid with the bucket. On creating a second map, when I use the paint bucket, it fills the whole screen. I've toggled flood mode, moved tolerance from 0-100%, (including 1-20%), I toggled  antialiailising and clipping mode. I am not sure what I did to set up the paint bucket to fill the individual squares. Help would be appreciated.

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You need to use the Magic Wand to 'select' a square of the grid - then use the paint bucket to fill it.  It's always best to have the grid on one layer, and go back and forth with the magic wand selecting the boxes and then moving to another layer to fill.




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I do not believe I'm working another layer unless I made a layer unintentionally. Using the wand and going back and forth works; however, I was able to select the grid without using the wand before. 

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