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15 hours ago, welshblue said:


One for the herbs that like it moist and one for the herbs that like it dry ? 

Your compost sounds a good mix - I like to add paper/ cardboard (brown only) to add a bit of bulk - but then it's not organic


You ever thought about keeping the leaves separate and making a leaf compost ?  Real black gold


I only grow veg because I'm told to.  Forcefully ... 

This year potatoes, cucumber, sweetcorn, spinach,  3 different types of peas, 3 different types of bean, 6 different tomatoes, 3 different lettuces, 3 different onions.  Plus various soft fruits.  The work involved can be nullified by the crappy, volatile Welsh weather sometimes and the yield isn't worth the space and time taken up


My real passion is flowers.  My wife still finds it amusing that 'someone like me' is so into raising them either from seed or cuttings

You should see our compost pile.  It is a gorgeous shade of black.  I like to add leaves to the compost pile because of its organic matter.  The stuff you are growing are similar to what we are growing and right now, we are growing cold weather plants - kale, strawberries, cabbages, and onions.  As soon as the calendar flip to mid-May, we will begin to plant late spring/early summer variety and then plant heirlooms in late summer.  I'm not familiar with how Welsh weather operates although I know in the mountains of southwest Virginia, it has its own weather system.  We had weird weather pattern.

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