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Equirectangular Viewer

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This plugin displays and reorients equirectangular images. Equirectangular images are panoramic views, which represent a complete spherical image in  longitude-latitude format. The plugin is (perhaps not too sensibly) in the Height Map menu.


The plugin DLL (version 1.0.0): Equirectangular


The Help menu description:

Equirectangular Viewer projects an equirectangular image onto the canvas, as if viewed through a window, and also allows the orientation of an equirectangular image to be changed. Normally the width of an equirectangular projection is twice the height, but any image will be scaled to cover the entire sphere

The controls are:

Mode: Specifies the result to display in the canvas. When View Equirectangular Image is selected, the portion of the image within the field of view will be projected onto the canvas. When Transform Equirectangular Image is selected, the image will be transformed into a new equirectangular image, with a different orientation.

Get Image From Clipboard: When selected, the image will be taken from the clipboard instead of the canvas.

Position Specifies View Center: When this option is disabled, moving the View Position control causes the image to move in the same direction. When this option is enabled, the position of the control indicates the location in the image to position at the center of the canvas.

View Position: Specifies the position of the sphere represented by the equirectangular image.
View Rotation: Specifies a counterclockwise rotation angle, in degrees. The rotation is centered at the center of the canvas.

Field of View: In viewing mode, specifies the angular field of view, measured relative to the canvas diagonal.

Sphere Nearness: In viewing mode, specifies the distance to the sphere represented by the equirectangular image. When zero, the sphere is at infinity. Larger values move the sphere closer.

Antialias: Specifies that antialiasing should be used.
Antialias Quality: Specifies the number of samples in each direction per pixel. The total number of samples per pixel is this value squared.


Equirectangular images are widely available on the Internet. Here is a small example:



This plugin may or may not be useful to anyone. I wrote it mostly to give myself better insight into some aspects of equirectangular images.

The Position Specifies View Center control was added because I wanted the default action of the control to match the similar control in the Texture Shader, but it's sometime useful for the control to specify the region of the map to be located at the center of the final image.



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Thank you @MJW I have downloaded this and, hopefully, this will be useful for a project I'm working on :)

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This is really cool @MJW  ?    Here are my examples:





View Mode



Transform Mode



I can see this plugin being very useful, especially with the Texture Shader plugin!   Thank you so much!   :beer:  





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I guess my Equirectangular-ness is more of a Circumlocution-ness.  Feeling silly now.





Feeble attempt (yes I added the drain cover) 



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