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Gradient/ Transperancy tool gone wrong

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For a few years now I've been building montages by layering over a series of images to create a 'busy' picture. Some of this has involved some quite intricate stuff, but Paint.Net has been a God send. Suddenly however, the whole thing has fallen apart, and I'm even struggling to explain what has happened. I can lay down an image as normal. Then put a second image into a specific point on the original image as a layer, and copy it, so ensuring it can be added in the same place each time I paste it back. By using the gradient tool on transparency mode I can then begin fade it's creation into the original image, often achieving some eye catching effects by bleeding one image into another. I recently came to improve on previous creation I wasn't happy with and repeated the set up as normal, only to discover that the transparency tool when set on a concentric circle had completely altered. It's horrible, and at a single stroke has just about wiped out 90% of my creative potential for Paint.Net. Instead of selectively being able to fade one image in over another, it's now leaving a hard border. I can pretty well achieve the same effect by simply copy pasting an image. Is there anyway of restoring the original functionality please? I don't recall processing any updates, so I'm not sure what's caused this. This new functionality simply isn't fit for purpose

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Sounds like you've changed your toolbar settings. Do they look like this image?




The important ones are : No Repeat | Antialiasing Enabled | Normal Blend Mode

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