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Help - what technique did I use?

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Hello all!

This sounds silly... but I was using a tool in paint.net a few years ago to get a specific result and now, wishing to duplicate it, I simply cannot find it in amongst all the new tools. I was hoping the 'history' or something could refresh my old brain but alas.


So I was hoping some of you might be able to reverse-engineer the situation and refresh my memory as to what plugin/adjustment/tool I was using...


The attached pictures show the original and the end result (BW) that I am hoping to duplicate - so how did I go about doing that...


Really appreciate any help!

Best regards,



JEsus Ab.png

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As well as the great suggestion, above, another possibility is 'Posterize' in the built-in Adjustments.  So you would first use Black & White and then Posterize 3 - 5 times at full strength.  Another Plugin that does something similar is called 'Poster' by @Red ochre to be found here.


How I made Jennifer & Halle in Paint.net

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Hi @Kasper   Another plugin to use would be Red's EarthsnGreys found in his plugin pack. I could not find an individual thread for this plugin.


Go to the plugin pack page and look for 'EarthsnGreys'; there is an example posted.


It achieves almost an exact duplicate of what you're looking for.  Choose 'close tone greys' in the drop-down menu and play with all the sliders.  


It's found in the 'Color' menu.  I did this real quick:




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Dear all,

Thanks for the quick and excellent suggestions. While I don't think any of them were the ones I was using previously they all do the same, but better :-). So brownie-points to you all and thank you for your help!


All the best,

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