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Draw line with rotating palette colors?


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Is there a plug-in (or technique) that will allow for drawing a multi-colored line, where the color of each pixel changes based on a subset of colors defined in a palette?  For example (see screenshot), I'd like to indicate that I want to draw with colors 3-6 in the palette and as I draw the line, the colors change and when the color list is exhausted, the color pattern would start over from the beginning of the list.





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That is the end-goal, yes.  An image that can be used with palette cycling.  In order to do so, I need to be able to draw lines (or I suppose more generally 'shapes') with increasing/decreasing color indexes within a palette.  I'm finding to do so a pixel-at-a-time somewhat.... laborious.


Edit:  Or perhaps a better question would be does there exist a 'stamp' tool with an ever-increasing color index?

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This plugin will get you a copy of the palette. This would allow you to arrange the colors sequentially.


BTW paint.net does not use indexes in the way you're hoping. It uses the actual RGBA values on a per-pixel basis.

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