Add an animated gif, add other elements, and save as animated gif?

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I'm trying to create an image that has an existing animated gif file.  If I drag in the gif and create it as a layer, it doesn't retain the animation.  


I did drop the Animated Image plugin dll to the FileTypes folder, but if I go to save the file, it doesn't have the .agif option.  


is there a way to retain the animation of the gif and then save it as an animated gif?  

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Hello @MohnJadden and Welcome to PDN :D


Yes, you can open an animated Gif into PDN. 


First, you must right click on the Gif and choose 'Save As' then add this code :RightArrowBlue: .agif  - to the end of the Gif's file name.  Also, change the' Save As Type' to 'All Files.'


i.e. it will look something like this:  animated-cat-image-0079.gif.agif


Open PDN and search for your renamed file - Go to Open and upload the Gif.  It should then open up all of the Gif into layers.


FYI - here is a tutorial on how to use Midora's Animated Gif Maker.

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