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Edit windows open right over the image?

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I have searched and did not find an answer to this; when I chose to Adjust a photo, the new window opens right in the center, which often covers up the actual image you are going to adjust. It seems it would be MUCH more helpful if I did not have to move the Adjustment window to the side every time, so I can see the colors/light/etc of the image as I try to adjust it. I know it may always be some adjusting to do, but like having the Toolbar off to one side - the Adjustment windows could be off to the other side and remain out of the way. Thanks - 

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Your request has been raised once before, for plugins. Both plugins and built-in effects/adjustments should have the same behavior for start-up locations on screen, to avoid confusing users who would e.g. set the opening location in a setting (as I imagine not everyone wants it on the side).


How it might work

Built-in adjustments and effects could have their default location changed to the side of the screen. This would probably be a preference.

Plugins that extend the paint.net dialog could have their default location changed a la changing the pdn dialog class. This is backwards-incompatible behavior.

Or, plugins are handed the start location in the EnvironmentSettings, much like the user's brush size and color.


The latter is the only sensible solution as I see it, since the others require either a preference that would only be respected by built-in plugins, or changes to existing plugin behavior. So this suggestion is made to Rick and it would be his choice whether or not to implement it. He has a backlog of things he's working on, too, so if he chooses to work on it at some point it probably won't be any time soon.

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