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hello Everybody

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Firstly , I'd like to thank the people who have

taken the pains and due deligence to write this amazing software .

I have in the past worked with many applications starting from MIC ( Microsoft

Image Composer ) Ulead Photoimpact and Photoshop. But , nothing has been

really kewl as this little but powerful program . I am really amazed .

I have a rather unusual request here . I need to superimpose an image on top

of a video . Since Vista ( I work with ) supports transparency I am generally able to do this without

any problem . But , the "whole" image or text I place on top of the video becomes

transparent when I choose a blend level. . I would like to use a transparency

brush to paint the transparency on top of the image so that the underlying video

shows through "only in the places or area " I paint . Could this be made possible ? or is

this beyond the scope of this application and forum .

Thanks .

Regards ,


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