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A problem with french localization of paintdotnet's capabilities

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This has been bothering me for years, just not enough to report it.  When PaintDotNet registers it's capabilities (filtypes it handles) - for the french locale (fr-ca or fr-fr), the following is added to the registry.


"ApplicationDescription"="collaborés permet de créer et d'éditer des images et photos à l'aide d'un large éventail d'outils, les adaptations et les effets."


Collaborés doesn't make sense.  First of all it's not the app name but even worse it just make no sense at all.  "collaborés" is the past participle of collaborate, literally "collaborated".   It's been like this since the very beginning I think.  I can't remember a time when there was a way to chose a default app and that paintdotnet didnt have a weird name and description in the default app section.



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On 4/16/2018 at 11:57 AM, Rick Brewster said:

Yes, that would be my preferred solution :)


i've never used crowdin, but i'm willing to look the french translation file over.  If you'd rather send the resx, and that I work on that, that's ok too.  Username is botmtl.


If you want to make the changes yourself, this is good (changed adaptations for ajustements because that's the text used in the menu).  Does the english version mentions that paintdotnet allows editing of  "pictures and images" or simply images?


"ApplicationDescription"="PaintDotNet permet de créer et d'éditer des images et photos à l'aide d'un large éventail d'outils, d'ajustements et d'effets."

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