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Tom's Palette Format


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This plugin allows the user to load and save a palette format I developed a few years ago ( and also load and save a representation of it in the paint dot net .txt palette format )

soon I intend to release some of my other plugins which work with palettes in this format, ( I might eventually add support for some other common palette formats, maybe JASC.pal and PS.aco ), For the moment this plugin might still be useful for someone who wants to work with paint dot net palettes visually


Palettes are displayed on odd lines in rows of 32, the next line contains that entry's Quantise information.


currently a normal TPF palette consists of 256 colours stored in rgba format, and quantise data for that colour
(  Quantise options are as follows 0( ignore ), 1( Undefined ( usually non exact matches only ) ), 2( Exact match only ), 3( Normal )

represented as                                  R0 G0 B0,    R85 G0 B0,                                                                      R170 G0 B0,                R255 G0 B0  ),

( Quantise data influences how a palette colour will be used during the quantise process  )

The Paint Dot Net .txt palette version may be any length, so it's suitable for use with Curtis Black's selective palette plugin
( note Paint Dot Net .txt palettes saved by this plugin that use quantise options  will be slightly larger than normal as they contain extra comments explaining and containing quantise data)
( Note this version of the plugin probably isn't perfect but is seems to work ok ) when saving you will be presented with help relating to the palette format chosen.


( see info.txt  included in zip file )


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