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Photo Warping Inquiry!

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Hey There! I've got a bit of a dilemma, and I'm not quite sure the best way to approach it. I've got a picture that I'm trying to orient so that the object in question is properly aligned in the space of the picture. As of right now, the picture wasn't taken perfectly head on, so the left side of the object is angled slightly away from the side of the picture (i.e. the bottom of the object is farther from the left edge of the picture than the top of the object), and the same thing occurs on the right side (bottom is farther from the right edge of the picture than the top is).


Unfortunately, this means that simply rotating the picture as is won't fix the problem - I believe I'll have to warp the image so that the top of the object is either shrunk inwards from the edge of the picture on both sides, or the bottom is pushed outward slightly. I've put the picture down below for reference, with some distance markings (in pixels) to show what I mean:


As you can see, the top and bottom are more or less level, while both left and right splay inwards along the length of the object edge, to varying degrees. The left is far more noticeable than the right however, so I'm aiming to make that my focus. Is there any way I can right this picture so that the sides are somewhat level (i.e. distances at top and bottom are somewhat equal, with a +/- 10 pixel range) using paint.net?



Album Art Off-Center Distances (Compressed).jpg

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