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Paint.net crashes while trying to "save as"

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What folder is Save As trying to bring up in it's dialog box for saving to. Find that folder and remove any video files you may have in it and try again. DivX has been know to do this and it common to see Save As crashs when there are video files in the folder that Paint.NET Save As box is pointing to.

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It happens wherever I try to save. I just tried making a new folder with nothing in it to save in and it still crashed.

After clicking "save as" my computer switches to the last window I had open (So if I were in firefox before paint.net, it would switch to firefox, or if I were chatting before I was trying to save, it would switch to the chat window) and paint.net becomes irresponsive and any time I try to click anywhere in paint.net it beeps with the "you can't click here" beep.

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Ok this does not sound like Paint.NET but a nasty virus or program.

Run a Virus scan (A good one, AVG Free may not be the best one to pick as it wont do a rootkit).

After that use a adware remover.

Now find the install folder of Paint.NET and look for pdn repair tool and use it to repair Paint.NET.

Open Paint.NET and go to save as. As soon as the Save As dialog box pops up hit the Print Screen key on your keyboard. Now if it crashs go to Paint (Not Paint.NET) and hit Ctrl+V to paste the screenshot. Up load it so we can see were it is pointing to and how it displays icons so we can rule out DivX.

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Scanned with BitDefender, found nothing

Default save folder is "My Pictures" the only thing you can see in the save dialog is a bunch of folders, there didn't display any files in the box because default save is .png

second image is changing file type to .jpeg

crashed both for saving .png and .jpeg and for trying to save on desktop.



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There are many reason Save As may stop working. The common one I see is video files in the samw folder that your trying to save to. The other one I have seen and have had myself was other programs stopping Save As for Paint.NET. I had a version of AIM that did it and when I uninstalled it, Save As worked again. I now got another copy of AIM and don't got the problem.

I will post a few topics of Save As problem going from problems the user made and problems from other programs.

File Name Error

Shell Extension

My Own Save As Problem

Reinstall Fix


Video Files

Office 2007

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This probably isn't helpful, but my paint.net has been crashing all day on me. Just so you know your not the only one.

It didn't do it just when i save though, it'd do it in the middle of making something as well.

Maybe you should make a new thread a post the pdncrash.log file ...

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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