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Scratches/Claw Marks?

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Hello, I've been looking around and well I'm fairly new to the scene of Paint.net myself although I've been using it for the basic/simple jobs that I'd need.


But I was wondering of there is anyway to create claw/scratch marks on an image that look pretty good but don't take too much away from a background etc. (I'm also asking if you could have them work with basically any kind of background at all?)


I'm not really sure how I'd go on to do this and well I kind of don't want to just drag and copy one from the internet and mess around with the settings but I will if I have too, was just wondering if there was anyway to get this done so it could be done from scratch? :)


Anyhow thanks for reading and the help in advance. :D


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Hello @Bloodshot_pico and Welcome to the forum :D


An easy way would be to get some brushes from the web, like from Brusheezy if you can't draw the marks with the brush tool yourself. 


How to install Brushes.




1.  Draw your scratches by hand, or by using custom brushes.

2.  Keep the white background unchecked - for keeping transparency.

3.  Use the Magic wand on Global to 'select' the black marks and invert (Ctrl + I)

4.  Use white for an inner shadow - the plugin for that is found here.

5.  Deselect and apply Gaussian Blur.

6.  Save this in .png form.  Close PDN.

7.  Reopen Paint.net and import any image.

8.  Import the claw marks, which will appear on a new layer.

9.  Play with the layer blend modes, or color balance, to get something you like.


I hope this will work for you.  Drawing the claw marks would be a lot simpler than learning to use Brushes, if you have not done so before :)


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