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Question About Opacity In Properties

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So basically I do a lot of stuff with transparency and it used to be that when you use opacity it adds it to that layer and you could merge layers with it but now if you try to merge layers it changes the opacity of all the layers. Is there something you have to do to change this or is it just how it is now?


Either way currently it is useless to me and I can't do much of what I want now.  

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When merging down, the opacity of the lower layer is maintained and the opacity of the upper layer is lost.


That's why your image may look different after merging down.


If you want to maintain the look of an image, be sure to flatten the image...




...be sure your lower layer is at full opacity when merging a layer onto it.


One way to do this is to create an empty layer below the two layers you wish to merge.  Then, merge your bottom layer onto the newly created empty layer. THEN merge your top layer into your newly merged layers.

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