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Im trying to make a cover for something like my friend made (here's his) 


but with a shade of blue, so I got the shade of blue I wanted, selected gradient and the diamond option and selected white as my color, but when I try to make it, nothing happens, it says its doing something on the history but I cant visibly see anything. I'm starting from just a solid color and trying to get the same effect as seen in his, how do i do that?

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Hey there thelocaldad - welcome to the forum :)


Try this:


First of all, press Ctrl + D to deselect any selection you might have. You might also want to create a brand new layer :LayersAddNewLayer: to house the gradient.


1. Set your Primary color to 2A2163 (hint - you can copy & paste this value into the Hex box in the extended Colors Window)

2. Set the Secondary color to 8F84BA (no - it's not white)

3. Select the Gradient Tool

4. In the toolbar, choose the Diamond Gradient shape (also check the Toolbar is showing the Colors mode - not Transparency mode)

5. Hold down the Shift key (forces the angle to 15 degree increments - so is useful for keeping it straight).

6. In the middle of the canvas, Right click and drag to create the shape.




Close enough??


I use the right click and drag so you can easily position the cursor in the center of the canvas. I usually do it by eye, but you can use the cursor position and image dimensions from the Status bar to work out the exact center.

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