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Hello everyone.


I've been using Paint.net on and off for years and have learned how to do so many things through the tutorials etc.  But for the life of me I cannot recreate the shape of the word "REDS" in the pic I've used as an example. I've tried shapes, perspective plugin, which comes close. And i've tried Grid warp also, which again comes fairly close but it doesnt quite nail it. Ayone got any Ideas or point me in the right direction??


Thanks ;-)


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There are two things going on there. First the text is distorted so that the top is flat and the bottom is curved. Then a perspective tilt is applied. The first part can be done with Paste Warp+. Then Layers>Rotate/Zoom can be used to tilt the emblem.


For the Paste Warp+ part:

Type the text, and apply whatever color effects you want.

Create a selection of the appropriate shape.

Run Effects>Selection>Paste Warp+.

    The Horizontal Distortion should be set to 0.

    The Image Size, XY Proportion, and other controls should be set to get the best result. Keep the top of the text near to top of the selection to keep it straight.


A quick example.


The text:




I created the selection by filling a window with black, then erasing half an ellipse from the bottom. Then I used the Magic Wand to select the opaque part. The mask looks like this:




I copied the text to the clipboard, selected the transparent region of the mask with the Magic Wand, then inverted the selection.

I ran Paste Warp+ with the following settings:

   Clipboard Image Size: 0.9353

   Clipboard XY Proportion: -0.0874

   Clipboard Image Offset, 0.000,0, 0.0007

   Clipboard Image Rotation: 0.00

   Horizontal Distortion: 0.0000

   Horizontal Skew: 0.000

   Vertical Distortion: 1.000

   Vertical Skew: 0.0000

   Antialias: Checked

   Antialias Quality: 4


The result is:




When tilted backwards about 45°, I think it's a reasonable approximation of the "REDS" text in the original comment:




Note: to make the final result less fuzzy, make the original text larger, so the Paste Warp+ doesn't have to magnify it as much. Also, I was a little careless, and chopped off a bit of the "S" in REDS when I used Paste Warp+. I should have set the Image Size slightly smaller. I was fooled by the fact that the S in the font I used is slightly larger than the other letters.



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